ISM Grain Separators

Kharkiv Plant of Grain Cleaning Equipment (KGCMP) is a world leader in the market of production of aerodynamic separators.

SV SEPARATOR LLC is the representative of KGCMP products on the Polish & EU market

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ISM Grain Separators are designed for cleaning and calibration of a wide range of bulk materials:
wheat, barley, flax, soy, coffee, sunflower seeds, frozen berries, peas, chickpeas, lentils and others.

The reliability, cost-effectiveness and simplicity of the design of ISM Grain Separators balances with our innovative approach to the cleaning and calibration of bulk materials.

The implementation of the idea of creating an agricultural machine for cleaning and calibration,
using the rich experience in aerodynamics of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute, allowed us to establish ourselves among thousands of farms around the world.

The wide range of our machines means we are prepared for the many challenges & varieties found within the European market. The designers and mechanics of KGCMP have created a range of machines equipped to meet the needs of the EU agriculture and the European farmer.

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User Manual PDF - download  (ISM-3, ISM-5, ISM-5 COK, ISM-10, ISM-10 COK) PL
Price list PDF - download (netto, delivery in Poland is free) EUR

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  • The ability to select sowing seeds with guaranteed germination up to 98%
  • Air grain treatment minimizes separation losses
  • You can get high quality clean grain with our ISM separator
  • 2.5-3 times lower power consumption compared to similar separators. Absence of lubrication points and replaceable elements
  • The frequency converter helps to protect the separator motor from voltage change, as well as provides smooth start and stop
  • The absence of extra buttons and switches makes ISM separator simple and easy to control